ICAO Global Aviation Training and TRAINAIR PLUS Symposium
October 9-11, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has no visa regime with some countries, so you can freely visit Kazakhstan without special permission. Visa is not required for CIS citizens except Turkmenistan; also visa is not required for citizens of Mongolia, Turkey, Argentina and Serbia.

Citizens of following countries may enter and exit Kazakhstan without issuing visas if the period of stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan does not exceed 30 calendar days from the moment of crossing the State border of the Republic of Kazakhstan:


1. Australia

2. Austria

3. Belgium

4. Bulgaria

5. Canada

6. Chile

7. Croatia

8. Cyprus

9. Czech Republic

10. Denmark

11. Estonia

12. Finland

13. France

14. Germany

15. Greece

16. Hungary

17. Iceland


18. Ireland

19. Israel

20. Italy

21. Japan

22. Latvia

23. Lithuania

24. Luxembourg

25. Malaysia

26. Malta

27. Mexico

28. Monaco

29. Netherlands

30. New Zealand

31. Norway

32. Poland

33. Portugal

34. Republic of Korea


35. Romania

36. Singapore

37. Slovakia

38. Slovenia

39. Spain

40. Sweden

41. Switzerland

42. Turkey

43. United Arab Emirates  

44. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

45. United States of America




If your country is not listed, so visa could be obtained through visa facilitation; it is official invitation to visit a foreign country. You will need to obtain the consent of the host country. To do this, send a copy of the passport and flight data to the following email address: visa@ans.kz or contact visa coordinator: Gulmira Alibayeva, tel: +7 7172 704227. We will prepare you an invitation and visa support. Visa could be obtained on one’s own, so contact the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan in your country.